Review of the Golden Skull Slot Machine

Online gambling is a world that has seen many releases with each of them trying to surpass the other. With the preferred genre being slots, gamblers are having a tough time deciding the one suited for them. But among their midst, a particular game has emerged to capture more than just their imagination. With top online gambling websites hosting it, you can get ready to expect nothing but the best. So to avoid the big suspense, let’s cut to the chase and talk about the Golden Skull Slot Machine. For those who haven’t played the game, here’s a review that will give you an insight about the same.

Seeks Adventure

By all means, one can say that the Golden Skull Slot Machine welcomes you to a world of adventure. Their creative team have done a great job in setting up the tracks and taking aspects in the right direction. Each detail that emerges on the screen tends to be perfect and can be well credited. The different characters like the cowboys and cowgirls tend to come in at right intervals. Its authentic beat completes the section of music and adds up to the feel of adventure.

The Scattered Snake

Important Icons

Apart from the central theme and adventure, there are other aspects that you need to note. A bunch of essential icons are projected, and it can be collected by following the right steps. So to be more specific, here are those icons,

1. The Scattered Snake – a snake manages to make its way across every single one of these games, and it is no surprise that it is present in Golden Skull Slots. The only difference in this matter is that the Scattered Snake comes forward with a bunch of features.

2. Wild Skull – if the snake does not pay, then the Wild Skull will. Yes, that’s right. The Wild Skull can pay up to 10,000x the line stake for the five kinds of combination.

Cowboy and Cowgirl

Other icons

Apart from the important ones, the game also features the regular set of icons that are also quite interesting. These icons include,

1. Cowboy and Cowgirl – pays up to 1,000x the line stake for maximum combinations.

2. Suits, Flowers and Candles – pays between 125x to 100x.


A gambling game is not complete without bonuses, and the Golden Skulls Slot Machine does not disappoint. In this game, you can avail up to twenty free spins, if you collect Scatters. Using them will help your wins to be doubled, and a new set of wilds will be launched. Apart from that, you can also spin the wheel to test your luck in receiving five shots of the colourful tequila. If you do, then you can retrigger re-spins.

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