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Secrets of Slot Machines That No One Wants You to Know

Slot machines have been a part of casinos since the dawn of gambling business houses. Players come in every day to spin the slot machine reels in the hope of making it big. Many have even benefitted greatly from it as slots have constantly offered major jackpots ranging for thousands of dollars to even millions at some point. If you are new to slot games, you may feel it does not have much to do as a player, but only when you learn more about the games, you unlock new possibilities in the games. There are many secrets in slots that only those who have been playing it for a long time know. Knowing how the games work can put you in a greater advantage to find the best slot machines that can offer you constant jackpots. These secrets of the slot machines are kept a secret by the pros as they do not want to share their treasures with anyone else.

Playing Slots
Slot placement is always planned

Casinos may try to make you believe that all the slot machines inside the casinos are placed randomly irrespective of what they offer. In reality, the casinos think this through and place the slot machines according to where they can land most traffic. What you should know is that the slot machines which are placed at the entrance and in a much spacious area are the ones that are meant to make profits for the casino. If you really want profits, you should look in the corners, and the back where the crowd is less and the machines aren’t decorated much.

Slots payout differently

Slot machines payout at different rates and you should know this already. In the live casinos, the video slots payout less than the classic reel slots. This is because the classic reel slots are cheaper to maintain and does not attract a lot of players. Since video game slots have more traffic, casinos reduce their payout rates.


There are no hot and cold machines

Do not fall into believing that a machine that has not produced any win for a long time is heating up. All the new slot machines today work on RNG and have unique outcomes irrespective fo the previous outcomes. The wins will always be random, so avoid wasting money in a losing streak in the hope to win.

The more you bet, the better the odd

Most of the slot machines have multiple betting values. When you bet more, you will unlock more bonuses and jackpots, which will increase your chances of winning. Even though it does not make much difference, it still provides you with an advantage over the normal bets.

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