Strategies that Can Help You Win at Blackjack Every Time

Blackjack is one of the games in the casino which offers a slight upper hand for the players over the casino. It offers a low house edge, the outcomes are certain to some extent, and the players play against each other and against the dealer as well. When you have such a huge advantage in the game, all you need are these strategies to help you win at blackjack every time.

Play blackjack that has liberal rules

Before you sit on any table, take time to inspect all the blackjack tables to find the one which has the most liberal playing rules. Find the tables which offer 3-2 at wins and definitely avoid the ones with 6-5 or more. Some of the liberal rules are the dealer holds soft 17, players can double down any two cards, and splitting after doubling is allowed. Try for the tables with fewer decks, and check if surrender is allowed.

Playing Blackjack

Learn the basic strategy

Do not mistake blackjack with a guessing game. You should be certain with your actions based on where you stand. Many have studied the game and have figured out that blackjack can be played with an optimal strategy. This optimal strategy can help the player to minimize the house edge to 1% if the player uses the strategy in every hand. Learn the basic strategy and rules of blackjack and stick to them in every hand you play.

Use your strategy card

In case you forget your strategy during the game, you can always refer to your strategy card. This will help you avoid the mistakes that you can make when you are unsure. Strategy cards will be available in the casinos and are legal to use. Casinos may ask you to avoid placing your strategy cards on the table, so you can hold the card while you are playing and glance at it anytime you need assistance.


Avoid insurance wager

Do not consider the insurance wager in any case. It is known as the sucker bet. You place a bet that the dealer has a ten-value downcard on their upcard Ace. Winning an insurance bet can pay 2-1, but it is only guesswork which has more odds of losing the bet than winning. Even when you have blackjack and the dealer tries to buy you more money with insurance wager, decline the offer.

Avoid continuous shuffle tables

Blackjack tables may have continuous shuffling machines(CSMs) which are devices that shuffle cards after each round. It helps the casinos to deal more hands per hour and also have more exposure of your money to the house edge. Play the tables that use mechanical shufflers as the dealers shuffle the cards after 50-75% of the cards are played. Play at crowded tables so that you can reduce the number of hands you play per hour, which decreases the exposure of your bankroll to the house edge.

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